All My Sons is going green. Not only is it our trademark color it is part of our mission to help the environment. We have all heard the latest and greatest thing is to Go Green. To go green is to change the way you live your life. You have to rethink almost everything that you do in order to help preserve our way of life. All My Sons of Dallas is doing our part to help out, and little by little we will make a difference.

A couple of ways we are doing this is by reusing our paper in the office. We print lots of paperwork on a daily basis, so for starters we us recycled paper but if we do not use it for a job then it becomes a label for a storage vault or it becomes part of a writing pad to keep notes on. As part of our expansion we have added an office and industrial estimator, we now use office crates instead of boxes for them to pack their files and books in. The boxes that we use are made out of recycled material and we do offer box pickup for our customers after we have moved them and they are finished unpacking.

I am always looking for new things to do on the weekend; and one thing I plan on checking out is the Green Apple Festival in Fair Park this weekend. The Green Apple Festival works with the Earth Day Network. It looks like it might be really cool; they are going to have free concerts, organic foods, art, and educational environmental programs. Hopefully it will help give ideas to people, who go just for the music and food, about how they can help out just by doing the little things.